Ban Personality Testing in Hiring

In recent decades, employers have increasingly turned to pre-hiring personality tests as a method to engage in a range of discriminatory practices and to avoid hiring people who might challenge illegal employment practices in the workplace, the latter a form of pre-hire retaliation against workers who might act to protect their rights.  While courts have sometimes found that use of many personality tests are illegally used to identify applicants subject to depression or other mental health diseases in violation of the Americans with Disability Act or have also found such tests intrude into personal issues of religious belief and sexual orientation, they are still used in other unfair and biased ways.  Such tests often do little to make valid assessments of the particular skills an applicant may have but instead are often used merely to identify individuals who will not challenge abusive or even illegal treatment in the workplace.   Such tests intrude into the personal lives and privacy of individuals in ways irrelevant to their job performance and should be restricted.