Data Justice Get to know Holden

Get to know Holden

About Holden Barlow

Holden Barlow is an expert in data justice and a prominent figure in the world of technology. He is best known for his work advocating for the responsible use of technology to protect people from manipulation, exploitation, and discrimination.

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Holden is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Systems Engineering. After graduation, he began working for a data-driven start-up company but soon found himself drawn to the world of advocacy and policy surrounding data justice. In 2016, he co-founded the Data Justice Lab, an organization dedicated to understanding how data can be used to benefit everyone fairly and equitably.

In addition to leading the Data Justice Lab, Holden has been involved in numerous initiatives related to data justice. He has spoken at conferences around the world on topics such as algorithmic bias and ethics, consulted with government agencies on policy recommendations related to data protection, and authored books on the implications of big data on society. Over the years he has become increasingly vocal about his beliefs that technology should be used responsibly in order to avoid creating new ways for people or groups of people to be excluded or disadvantaged based on their race or economic status.

Holden’s work has been recognized by organizations ranging from The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy all the way up to The United Nations Human Rights Council where he was invited as a guest speaker in 2018. One of his most notable works is “Data Justice: A Guide For A New World” which provides individuals and organizations with practical advice on how they can seek justice through responsible use of technology while also protecting their rights as citizens.

Holden Barlow continues to serve as an inspiration for many who are working towards a more equitable future free from digital censorship or manipulation based solely upon one’s race or economic status. His dedication to fighting for fair access to digital tools and resources serves as an example that many continue to strive towards today.